Citi: LAnding Page Designs


the challenge

Citi offers a number of different credit cards, and each have their own landing page to market the card to potential customers and explain the card benefits. Maintaining these pages was previously handled by a different agency whose lead time for design and development was in the months.

We proposed to Citi that by building a responsive, modular framework we could get that design and development time down to just a few weeks and a fraction of the cost. The strategy was to create blocks that could be customized, reordered and reused across different landing pages. 

My Role

As a senior designer, my role was to create landing page concepts for each Citi credit card, focusing on the target audience and strategy of each card to differentiate them. I used the existing block templates as well as designed new ones. The role required working closely with the development team to ensure each breakpoint and animation was pixel perfect.