Digital wallet


the challenge

After a customer applies for a retail credit card from their phone in-store, Citi wanted to provide the ability for a customer to pay for their purchase immediately and conveniently through a digital wallet. 

The digital wallet needed to: 

  • Allow opt-in offers and coupons 

  • Generate a new payment bar code each time a customer added an offer 

  • Allow access to multiple cards, each with their own offers


My Role

My role was focused on generating interaction concepts as well as creating custom graphics for the digital wallets introductory tour.


Concept 1

As users add offers, an updated payment code must be generated. The goal of this concept was to hide the payment code (and subsequent loading) from view until you were ready to pay. Prototype built with Sketch and Principle.


Concept 2

This concept focused on sliding content cards that each contained a digital payment code and associated offers.